dirty south beans

dirty south beans

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The playful citrus & orange pekoe notes of the Shentabene reminds us the bouncy Dirty South music we grew up getting crunk to. We enjoy this coffee as an iced pourover as it brings out the chamomile notes that shines best as an afternoon perk me up but its still as good when drank hot okay? OOOOKAAAYYY!

Name:  Shentabene
Origin:   SNNPR, Ethiopia
Process:   Fully Washed
Varietal:  Heirloom
Roast:  Single Profile Roast
Weight:  100g

Freshly roasted specialty coffee beans brought to you by the dopest coffeebar crew in Geylang.

Enjoy the full flavour spectrum of our exclusively African coffee program brewed your preferred way at the comfort of your own home or office desk.

Roasted in partnership with The Community Coffee.

If you’re just starting out your home brewing journey, click on the link to get redirected to our Dripper 69 set .

For brewing guides/recipes, click on this link to our blog post.

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