Wake Up Mr. West!!

is Kanye the GOAT or is he a goat?

the truth lies somewhere in between.

I got tired of defending Kanye to his haters years ago after the very public Tay Tay meltdown

but when he dropped MBDTF

that cemented his musical demi-god status elevating him beyond The Beatles and Radiohead.

I’m writing this as I’m sipping on a Rwanda Izuba double ‘spro that I just pulled at Drip City while trawling the chaos of hip-hop Twitter

having a meltdown over Apple Music’s live stream of Kanye clownin’ us. 

we held our collective breath in anticipation of the DONDA album drop 

but all we got was him doing push-ups and going to bed.

I’ma sign off this post with a relatively unknown ‘Ye track from a crazy ass soundtrack

Just so we remember what it’s like to have the old Kanye.