music to drip coffee to

I might sell you somethin’ on this blog right here.

I might not.

But these trying takeaways-only times means I have plenty of bandwidth to mess about with writing.

And since this website is in dire need of content, Got Drip Coffee Company has taken an executive decision to allow me, the boss, to write a blog series focusing on hip hop, coffee and everything in between.

Rap music is such a huge part of Got Drip & Geylang Drip City’s DNA so I feel like there is massive pressure to produce content that can actually contribute to the culture that I love so much.

First posts are always tricky as it can set the tone for what’s to come or it could just be a whimper nobody really pays attention to.

Either way this allows me to flex that dormant writing muscle and get the creative juices flowing again.

Talking about juices, we’ll kick off the inaugural post featuring a track of one of our favourite emcees, the God MC hisself, Rakim Allah painting a hyper vivid technicolor picture of the streets of New York with non stop bars and dope ass break beats.

Man this song is so hype, it makes me want to take a chair and throw it out the window and see if it lands on one of the dudes who started a Covid cluster by visiting KTVs.

This song is so hype it fills me with energy to take on the world, energy that was sapped away by the flip-flopping regulations that F&B establishments have had to abide by only to have any chance of survival snatched away by yet another half-ass lockdown.

Man i am so pumped at 9pm writing this I might just write another damn blog post tomorrow.

And if y’all got some money to spend, pop on down to Geylang man. Takeaway or dine in, you know me and my team always have good chat and good coffee.