Most people vote with their wallet. I know I do.

When I regularly patronise a business, i generally feel it’s because there has been a fair value exchange for my money in return for goods & services.

Yes I am a bit of an aloof asshole when it comes to money.


But there’s something magical happening in Geylang.

Maybe it’s because we really give a damn.

Maybe it’s because the coffee business is such a personal one

But mostly its because the Drip City regulars are angels like Annabel Tan who do things they don’t have to and show real love without expecting anything in return.

Annabel was featured on a podcast/radio show on Money FM 89.3 called 12 to 1 and she was brought in to give her thoughts and insights on the reopening of dining-in for F&B 

and for no damn good reason

she decided to name drop and give a shout out to good ol’ Geylang Drip City as one of the places she missed the most during the no din-ine heightened alert period.

in case y’all think I’m talking shit, check out the excerpt from the radio show/podcast below.

Annabel name checks us at 7:30 and even mentioned our scrambled eggs:


Thanks so much for the shout out; we can’t really repay back the love but maybe we have some dope banana bread on your plate the next time we serve you!!